The well-known Korean brand Beite cutting tools fully entered the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-04-19
Better-Tools originated in Incheon, South Korea. As a comprehensive CNC tool company, it relies on the brand leader's rich overseas business experience and dedicated business philosophy, with a strong technical team and high-quality products. It has been affirmed and recognized by the market and consumers, and has become a rookie in the world of knives. Today, Beite Tools has entered China from South Korea with its excellent product quality. Changzhou Jiebang Precision Tools Co., Ltd. operates in the Chinese market with its advanced business philosophy. In just one year, 'Xiaohe has shown sharp corners'. Beite brand series tools include: aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, various steels and other metal cutting special turning and milling, drilling, milling and cutting, grooving, thread and other hard alloys, as well as cermet thick film composite coating indexable inserts, CBN Blades, quick drills and other products. Beite tools are widely used in CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, auto parts processing, mold processing and other metal cutting fields. Recently, new product taps and high-speed steel drill series have been launched, which have also attracted the attention of the market. Beite brand regards 'focus and persistence' as its business philosophy, in line with the belief of 'integrity management, providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services; cooperative development, providing cooperation platforms and entrepreneurial opportunities for those who have dreamsThe sales team with rich experience in the industry constantly improves the core competitiveness of the brand. In terms of operation concept and model, the marketing team of Beite strives to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional model in the tool industry. For brand franchisees, it emphasizes 'regional uniquenessIn accordance with the characteristics of 'sexualityThe team hopes to bring this mature business model into the traditional knife industry and create a boutique knife brand with a specialty store model. In 2013, with the hard work and efforts of all employees of Changzhou Jiebang Precision Tools Co., Ltd., and with the trust and support of many franchisees, the franchise stores of Beite Tools have sprung up on the vast territory of China. In order to improve the cohesion of brand franchisees, Bite Tools held the first annual meeting of Bite Tools franchisees at the beginning of this year. The first batch of ten franchisees in the country gathered in Changzhou, Longcheng. Here, the franchisees visited the company headquarters, deeply felt the brand culture, understood the development plan of Beite Tools, and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with the company leaders, and reached a gathering. It is the consensus to strive to develop, become bigger and stronger, and create first-class tool products. In order to further expand the influence of the brand in the industry, after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse, the management team of Better Tools will further carry out marketing and promotion activities through various channels. The first is to participate in more than ten exhibitions at home and abroad with Bite tool series products, and then focus on launching a series of new products. In addition, a batch of new franchise stores are also in intensive preparations for opening, and the Bite brand team is planning to add another 20 franchisees across the country this year. Through traditional media and new media channels, Bite has held a series of activities to build momentum for the products. It is believed that under the efforts of the professional marketing team, after a series of market promotion activities, Bite tools will have a greater impact in the market. Influence, to drive the win-win between product suppliers and franchisees! In the world of knives, Beite is just a seedling, but it will have deep roots and luxuriant leaves one day. With the careful cultivation of Jiebang Seiko and the cultivation and watering of many franchisees, Beite will soon usher in a wonderful spring with green leaves and red flowers.
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