The widely application of the manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-08
Driving mode of the manipulator with pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and mechanical. Most stamping manipulator for pneumatic or hydraulic drive. According to different form of arm movement, the manipulator can be divided into four forms: rectangular type, cylindrical coordinates type, polar coordinates type and joint type. Arm in rectangular coordinate system of the three axes make linear movement direction, namely before and after the telescopic arm, lifting up and down and move around. The coordinates to occupy the space is large and the work scope is relatively small, big inertia, it is suitable for the job position alignment. Ront-rear telescopic arm, lifting up and down and swing in the plane of the action. Compared with the rectangular type, take up less space and scope of work is bigger, but because of the organization structure, based on the location of the minimum height direction is restricted, so can't grab objects on the ground, a fairly large inertia. It is widely used on the mechanical hands a form of coordinates. Arm up and down before and after the expansion, pitch and swinging movements. Its biggest characteristic is simple organization get larger scope of work, and can grab the objects on the ground. Its motion inertia small, but the arm angular error causes amplification by arm. , the arm can be divided into big arm and forearm two, by the elbow joint connection between the forearm, and the big arm and the pillar and connection between the shoulder joint, coupled with the wrist and forearm wrist joints between the multi-joint manipulator can be finished almost hand movements. More flexible joint manipulator motion, motion inertia is small. Can grab close to the base of the workpiece and obstacle avoidance. Multi-joint manipulator wide adaptability, after introducing computer control, its motion control can be done by the program, but also through memory simulation. Is the development direction of manipulator. More information about the punching machine manipulator, please log on to http://www. gmrcsk。 com
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