the woman who will change the face of mumbai

by:Gewinn     2019-08-17
She is a top school student in Sanley, her Western hometown of Maharashtra. 30 years ago, on 1985, she went to Mumbai to congratulate her.
This is the first time she has taken a local from Mumbai to experience the feeling of traveling in the city\'s \"crowded moments.
\"I can\'t travel by train without the help of relatives in Mumbai.
\"Seeing so many people get on the train, I\'m scared of the local train,\" she recalls . \".
Thirty years later, Bhide led one of the city\'s most ambitious transportation projects.
The Metro 3 project she leads will be a complete underground network.
Bhide, general manager of Mumbai Metro Co. , Ltd. , has a team of 150 people and intends to complete the project within the next five years.
Work started in 2016.
The estimated project cost for 2011 is RS 23,137 (Rs 231. 37 billion).
Metro 3 will connect the cuff parade at the southern tip of Mumbai and the SEEPZ area in the northern suburbswest Andheri.
The subway line will be No. 33.
5 kilometers long
It takes an hour from Colaba to SEEPZ.
There will be 27 subway stations ().
Bhide said: \"On 1985, I was annoyed by the local train.
Today, I am very happy to lead this subway project.
\"At the moment, there is a subway line in umbye ---the Versova-Andheri-
The Ghatkopar Metro project, which started operation in June 8, 2014.
The second metro line in Mumbai is dahisa-Charkop-Bandra-
The manhood line, which has been in the planning stage for the past six years.
Since the then Mumbai Governor William Hornby launched the Hornby walard project to join the city\'s seven islands in 1782, there has been little thought about the city\'s infrastructure.
Mumbai did develop into India\'s commercial capital under British rule, but after independence, the city\'s infrastructure was chaotic due to improper planning and short-sighted government.
Currently 65 lakh ()
People travel by local train in Mumbai . \"
\"We want to see 14 lakh ()
People take the subway project 3.
The burden on Indian Railways will be reduced by at least 20 percentage points.
\"In the next five years, Mumbai will be dug up until the subway work is completed,\" Bhide said . \" We will not dig the whole city.
\"Once you start the tunnel rig underground and start working, the city will not be disturbed at all.
The work will continue without anyone knowing it.
\"However,\" she added in a warning letter, \"there will be stations after every kilometer.
Because we are taking the road route, these stations are all under the road.
So there will be some interference every kilometer.
But we don\'t dig everything out at once.
Must be carried out in batches and stages.
\"Six business districts in connection--
Cape Nariman, Kraft parade, Fort, lower Parrell, Bandra-
Kurla complex and SEEPZ--
In addition to the domestic and international terminals of Mumbai airport, it will also be connected.
\"In the monsoon, we will have a dehydration mechanism,\" Bhide said . \".
\"The contractor knows how to deal with this and we will not stop working in the monsoon.
We have shared our plans with all 27 utilities and we have developed the appropriate plans for them as well. \"The ()
Will be active and in touch with the public through social media.
Compensation for residents affected by the project and the cutting down of trees in the Stacey Milk colony is one of the main concerns raised about the Metro project, but Bhide denies these issues.
\"The subway car will be transferred to Kanjurmarg and we will have a small facility in Stacey,\" she said . \".
Except Girgaon and Kalbadevi ()
All other places ()
\"The problem has been solved,\" Bhide said . \".
\"We only need very little private land. We need 0.
It has 55 hectares of private land permanently.
Another 3 hectares of private land with temporary land area of 3 hectaresand-a-
Only when we need it will we spend half a year.
We will return it to the owner.
They are needed in and out of the station.
\"We will provide appropriate compensation,\" she added . \".
Some residents are not ready at Girgaon and Kalbadevi.
We have appointed special advisers who are talking to them to see how they can recover.
\"Hide is confident to finish the project on time.
\"I have dealt with the big infrastructure project that changed the face of Mumbai ---
Eastern Highway, Sahar elevated highway connecting international airport.
Many Flyovers and Monorail Phase 1.
I finished all the projects on time.
\"When the Maharashtra government appointed me as MD for the Mumbai Metro, I knew what challenges were there and how to overcome them.
\"The London Metro is a 400-kilometer network,\" Bhide said . \"
\"They have a network of 900 kilometers in Seoul.
In China, every city they build has a subway network of 500 kilometers.
In the next three years, Delhi will have a metro network of 400 kilometers.
Our subway is only 33.
5 kilometers long connecting all business districts in Mumbai.
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