The woodworking circular saw machine safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Should be done before 1, woodworking circular saw machine to start the inspection, cutting cutting can not have crack, fastening screws should be tightened, and shall not be put in machine tool with wood or tools. 2, it is strictly prohibited in the woodworking circular saw machine stop completely before hanging belt stick, or hand brake. 3, woodworking circular saw machine oil should be performed after parking, or constantly for narrow oil can refill. The machine's operation in case of abnormal situation, should immediately stop check processing. 4, the use of woodworking circular saw machine wet or have a knot in the wood, should strictly control the feeding speed, it is forbidden to shove or yank. 5, should be checked before operation, saw blade can not have crack, screws should be tightened. 6, safety glasses should be worn when operating, stand at the side of the saw blade, shall not stand in the front, arms crossed the saw blade are strictly prohibited. 7, feeding should be close to the backer, and may not be too hard and meet push hard section should be slower, material should be work out saw blades after 15 cm, may not be hard drawn by hand. 8, short narrow application push rod, material should use plane hook, wait more than saw blade radius of aniseed may not be on the saw. 9, circular saw must be installed protective cover, around the circular saw side, should be equipped with a semicircular guard board, in case of wood flying cuts. 10, saw grew up material must be two people operation, the other side of the auxiliary operators, application of force to seize the wood, in case of sawtooth back to wood.
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