The working principle of back knife lathe is outlined

by:Gewinn     2020-04-26
The following simple description of back knife lathe works: back knife type wood lathe can realize a install two turning, namely copying turning and back knife fine cars, has the characteristics of the cutting speed. Step back knife type wood lathe for rough turning. Its contour cutting and copying lathe turning are exactly the same, are heavily dependent on the shape of template to control the movement of turning tool. Profiling tool slide is the stylus curve move along on the template is more sensitive, so can finish the accurate cutting of complex shape parts. The second step using knife to finish turning back. Back knife type wood lathe back knife cutting precision is higher. Through back again after the workpiece forming, do up and down movement, has been turning of the workpiece rotation at the same time, the equivalent of back knife is just turning workpiece outer contour tangent to the motion, therefore the workpiece was again surface plane light, obtain ideal outer contour precision and surface roughness of the workpiece. Back knife type wood lathe can realize the function of the automatic up-down material, tool holder are installed on the back for combined lathe tool, knife back processing and installation of the adjustment process is complicated, the price is more expensive, and a back vehicle system only one style of product, flexibility is inferior to numerical control lathe, so back knife type lathe is suitable for mass production. These are back knife lathe work. A: teach you more rows of multi-axis woodworking drilling operation point next article: you know what is the application scope of woodworking engraving machine
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