The working principle of the tablet

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
Analyses the working principle of tablet

used tablet set up on a die and press die, die on which fixed on the push rod of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder body fixed on the supporting frame, on the die and press die within each set have independent cooling waterway, the export of the cooling water and entry on located in die or press mold. From tablet entry before at least five (5) the ratio of the roller radius/center distance and the reform of the flat machine is the same, and starting from the tablet entry at least the last five (5) the ratio of the roller radius/center distance close to crimp eliminate machine, and has the advantages, tablet roller center distance between the increase in the middle. Can at the same time of rapid quenching, avoid the impurities of cutter or knife, to ensure that the surface of the cutter or knife and the quality of the metallographic structure, hardness to avoid contamination of the cooling oil.

unit configuration:
feeding the small car, uncoiler, six weight type plate pressure device, leveling the host, shear and tracking system, transmission platform, double type pneumatic discharge, hydraulic lifting platform, unloading trolley, hydraulic system, electrical control system. The production line of the main components of the hydraulic system adopt Taiwan high-precision components; Scale tracking shear system adopt Germany lenz company positioning servo system control. Electric control system adopts the imported PLC program controller and touch screen.

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