the world\'s longest rail tunnel opens in the weirdest way imaginable

by:Gewinn     2019-09-04
After 17 years of construction and 28.
The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world has been opened in Switzerland, digging 2 million tons of excavation materials.
The ceremony with alphorn players, naked \"Angels\" and goats as the main characters is no wonder.
On Wednesday, masked acrobats and explainers dressed in miners ushered in the opening of the goldhard base tunnel near the town of elstfield.
Leaders from six countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, attended the ceremony.
President of the Swiss federation John Schneider at the opening ceremony
According to the BBC, Oman described the tunnel as \"a huge step taken by Switzerland, but also for our neighbors and the rest of Africa . \".
Planning for a $12 billion tunnel began in 1947.
Switzerland touted it as a modern wonder at 35 miles high.
High-speed rail linking northern and southern Europe under the Swiss Alps.
It is surprisingly long two miles above the previous record holder of Japan\'s Seikan railway tunnel.
About 124 miles per hour, or 99 miles per hour for freight trains, which would reduce passenger travel time between Zurich and Lugano, just north of the Italian border, about 45 minutes.
Ultimately, according to the tunnel\'s website, the tunnel will run 260 freight trains and 65 passenger trains per day.
Peter Fueglistaler, director of the federal Transportation Office, told Reuters that \"this is only part of Swiss identity,\" Switzerland\'s love for major engineering feats.
\"For us, conquering the Alps is like exploring the ocean in the Netherlands.
\"One of the most impressive tools to complete the excavation is a monster --
Tunnel rig size 448
The length is code, or the football field placed at the end is less than fourto-end.
According to the tunnel website, \"a large part of the excavated rock is returned to the interior of the mountain in concrete form . \".
\"The remaining material is used for landscaping of the site or as a filler for fans.
\"The deepest part of it is about 1.
2 miles below the Earth\'s surface.
According to the New York Times, at the grand opening ceremony on Wednesday, 500 passengers also joined the ranks of European leaders, who won the Lotto to attend.
During the show, a naked dancer wearing huge wings flew over orange.
The right dancer when they crawl on the ground below.
At another point, before running around on the floor, people saw humans swinging in flat beds wearing clothes like bales of hay.
Some of the terrible parts of the show reportedly capture the \"mountain demons\" in the area \"---
According to the site of the tunnel, this could be a storm, an unidentified shape and sound, and a falling object.
The whole scene made many people happy and confused on Twitter.
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