theoretical model of the equivalent elastic modulus of a cobblestone-soil matrix for tbm tunneling

by:Gewinn     2019-09-05
The soil mixed ground is a composite of pebbles surrounded by soil.
Typical mixing
Face ground encountered in tunnel Tunneling machinery (TBM)
This can lead to tool wear, roller knife head Kaka tightness, poor performance of the TBM, and cost overruns.
This paper studies the deformation of pebblessoil mixed-
Ground During shield excavation.
The ground studied consists of two parts (
Soil matrix and pebbles)
Usually firmly combined on the interface, can be considered as a continuum.
Previous studies have proposed many theoretical models of composite materials with two components.
Representative models include parallel models, series models and theoretical models of effective media.
Nevertheless, these models are limited by assumptions and preconditions.
In this study, the analytical solution of the equivalent elastic modulus was derived under the assumption of uniform strain, while assuming that the pebbles were completely spherical or oval.
In order to verify the analytical solution, a three-axis compression test was carried out.
The equivalent elastic modulus obtained from the three-axis experiment and the theoretical model is quite consistent.
These analytical solutions help to clarify the deformation of such ground and improve the performance of tunnel tunneling.
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