there are holes in elon musk\'s plans to tunnel through l.a. with boring co.

by:Gewinn     2019-08-28
Los Angeles is the busiest city in the United States.
And Elon Musk.
It\'s only a matter of time before the city lets people who are working to eliminate petrol vehicles and colonize Mars try to control congestion.
Do this with his tunnel.
He must address major technical and cost challenges.
Experts are skeptical.
Musk\'s statement is that boring companies
Transportation can be built
The directional tunnel is faster and cheaper than the current technology, mainly because his machine will drill holes in about half the diameter of the subway.
Once built, the automatic electric \"skateboard\" platform that the elevator is put down from the street will go through the city tunnel at 120 miles or more per hour, carrying a car or passenger transport cabin. Long-
The distance tunnel connecting the city will use a super high-speed rail with an hourly speed of more than 600mph. Cutting tunnel-
Herbert Einstein, a tunnel expert and engineering professor at MIT, told Forbes that the cost of boredom will not be easy, and Musk\'s underground electric transportation may be a bigger challenge.
\"The machine he built the tunnel looked standard.
I didn\'t see anything from him other than the smaller diameter, \"Einstein said (
Has nothing to do with the famous physicist).
\"New, or a little new, is that pod, the thing that goes into it and goes through the long distance.
It looks more like vehicle development than tunnel development.
Musk\'s ambition for boring companies
As bold as he is with SpaceX, Tesla\'s electric cars and batteries, and SolarCity\'s clean energy, he goes into aerospace.
He is dissatisfied with the soul
Over the years, Los Angeles has been overcrowded and even funded in 2013 to help him broaden his 405-kilometer highway from his hometown to Hawthorne\'s SpaceX.
But even for Musk, it looks like a while to start a civil engineering company to build and operate underground transportation systems in a profitable way.
\"The concept of a car elevator on skates adds a range of engineering challenges, such as the reliability and safety of elevators, loading and unloading time, says Constantine Samaras, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University: \"The number of dedicated areas in a city that need to do so on a large scale. \".
He\'s not sure if the skates will work, but he thinks Musk\'s new adventure could be good. “The best-
Case Results of Boring Company
Is innovation and significant cost reduction in the use of existing tunnel boring machines for high-rise building tunnels
Fast transportation system.
\"It\'s not cheap to develop this technology, so boring companies
In a document this month, the company said it raised nearly $0. 113 billion, of which about $100 million came from Musk.
The Los Angeles City Council also supports exempting scrutiny of environmental impacts to help speed up the start of drilling for a2. 7-
A mile test tunnel on the west side of the city. The Boring Co.
It is also discussing the Chicago project and the route that could one day connect New York to Washington.
However, the shift from discussion about a compelling concept to construction depends on achieving ambition.
\"At present, digging tunnels is very expensive, and some projects cost as much as $1 billion per mile,\" Boring Company
Said on its website.
\"In order to make the tunnel network feasible, the cost of the tunnel must be reduced by more than 10 times. ”Its 14-foot-
Einstein said a tunnel in diameter should be faster and cheaper than a modern subway tunnel that could be close to 28 feet.
\"The smaller you go, the faster you build it and the lower the cost.
\"Of course it is, but I don\'t know if it is much lower,\" he said . \".
This is because the geological factors of each project are very different.
Earthquake activity in Los Angeles is well known and must be taken into account, but the city is also located in methane pockets, tar deposits and other tricky situations that make the tunnels there very expensive.
Einstein\'s MIT team developed a \"tunnel construction decision assist tool\" to estimate cost and construction time based on factors such as project specifications and geology.
It is widely used in tunnel engineering, especially in Europe.
\"I wrote it last year [to Musk]
See if he\'s interested in looking at it and getting a cost estimate.
\"I never got an answer,\" Einstein said . \".
\"When it comes to cost estimation, you get into trouble because there is always uncertainty.
You know nothing about geology;
You don\'t know much about the construction process. ”Small-
From the 19 th century, the original subway line in London used a drilling tunnel similar to Musk\'s plan, but it was out of favor.
\"At first, subway cars were closely integrated with these things,\" Einstein said . \".
\"They don\'t do it anymore for security reasons. . . .
When the train gets stuck, you want to be able to evacuate it and, in fact, you can\'t do that if the wall is next to the train.
\"The boring machine that extends the Purple subway to West Los Angeles is forming 21-
Dave Sotero, spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles, said the diameter was 1/2.
He said that if it was necessary to evacuate the train, their construction provided 3 feet for the emergency passage.
Because Metro is working on its own quality.
Transit tunnel works in West Los AngelesA.
Someone asked boring company.
Coordinate any drilling activities with the agency.
\"We look forward to working with boring companies.
\"In terms of early planning and engineering, make sure our two projects are compatible and best meet the future traffic needs of this crowded corridor,\" Sotero said . \". Any Boring Co.
The system has a few years left, so the cost of building and operating a system is a mystery, and the number of people who choose to use it is also a mystery.
\"I don\'t have survey data on this, but I guess most people prefer to walk and ride on the ground,\" Samaras said . \".
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