This paper used double-sided characteristics of the plane

by:Gewinn     2020-09-28
The characteristics of this paper used double-sided planer

( 1) Used double-sided planer is equipped with active feeding roller, feeding strong, the shortest processing length is 250 mm;

( 2) The knife shaft korah type rapid change knife design, convenient operation, high efficiency and safety;

( 3) Heavy body, the aging treatment for many times, through five precision machining surface machining center, its performance is stable, more adapt to the sword cutting;

( 4) Work surface with special wear-resisting material, long service life;

( 5) Knife shaft use high-quality materials, through heat treatment, precision machining, dynamic balance, to ensure smooth operation and reliable;

( 6) Conveying mechanism adopts the design of elastic pressure claw, compression strength according to different material and different thickness of the material wood processing requirements to adjust speed, to improve machining quality.

( 7) Feeding adopts stepless or frequency control of motor speed, feed speed strong durable, adapt to the different material and different thickness of wood processing requirements;

( 8) The special design of conveying mechanism adopted overload overload protection;

( 9) Equipped with manual lubrication pump to columns skateboard lubrication, electric automatic lubrication feeding chain plate, ensure movements flexible and durable;

( 10) Rapid cutter replacement and the design of the belt elastic adjustment, easy to operate security;

( 11) Feeding electric hoist shell automatic positioning, convenient adjustment, improve production efficiency.

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