Three kinds of blade Angle woodworking machinery manufacturers

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Woodworking machinery manufacturer is sawing wood machining application history is long, is widely used in processing way. Woodworking machinery manufacturer in the sawing, cutting wood part is saw directly. Saw three angles, however, is what? Wedge 1, woodworking machinery manufacturers, is a former after the tooth surface and the Angle between the gear tooth surface. 2, woodworking machinery manufacturers of anterior horn: by tooth and tooth connection vertical lines and sawtooth the Angle between the front line. After 3, woodworking machinery manufacturers Angle: the back of the sawtooth line ( Or the back line tangent to the) With tooth line ( Or tooth line tangent to the) The Angle between the. After the woodworking machinery manufacturers of the circular saw blade Angle is through tooth tooth circle tangent to the rear of the Angle between the tooth surfaces. If tooth surface to surface, the tangent after tooth arc gear tooth surface as after the tooth surface. Of course, in a wide range of woodworking machinery, woodworking machinery manufacturer, many different kinds of sawing, the vast majority of saw are made by saw the body and on the edge of blade. Understand the woodworking machinery manufacturers, therefore, three kinds of blade Angle is very important.
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