timber floors are back: not maybe, definitely

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
The wooden floor came back to a great extent.
After the surge in popularity in the 1970 s, when everyone was hiring a sander to attack their Victorian floors, the bare wood looked a bit interrupted.
As an office, the floor covering of 1980 becomes fashionable again
Upscale carpets, padded vinyl, and even good old felt make a comeback.
But now, a combination of Ikea
Influenced by Scandinavian Style and New York loft living Image, natural wood flooring has once again become the ideal choice for people.
Gavin Kumar, marketing manager for Hewitson hard at Woking, said there has been a huge boom in the past two to three years.
\"Ikea has a lot of influence,\" he said.
People go there to buy furniture and see it stand on the attractive wooden floor and they want to bring this image back to their home.
The most popular wood finishes, he says, are oak, followed by mountain-haired trees and maple trees.
So this time, it may not be enough to just polish the old pine flooring and apply a few layers of sealing coating.
The focus now is on high-quality hardwood floors to provide practical, wear-resistant surfaces that are easy to maintain and maintain clean, and attractive.
Paul Brok, a builder specializing in up in southern London
He said he was asked to provide more and more hardwood floors.
\"Hardwood floors are an ideal decoration for the kitchen,\" he said.
You have to have something smooth and usable, so why not wood?
It looks good and feels good when you put it on because it\'s warm with bare feet.
Mr. Brock said that most customers would also choose wood in other rooms downstairs.
The cost is clearly a deciding factor, but people appreciate the luxury of hardwood floors and they take the floor of the kitchen to a separate dining room or lounge.
In addition to the cost, there are some practical issues that need to be considered.
First of all, in ordinary Victorian houses, water, central heating pipes and cables are usually put in at some point in the future, usually under existing floors.
Expensive new hardwood floors should be laid once and for all;
In order to obtain these services, there is no need to upgrade the it department.
Therefore, ideally, pipes and cables should be rewired outside the room, either at the skirting level of a proprietary relay system or below the floor level of the pipe, can be covered with a removable part of the new floor.
At least pipes and central heating pipes can be replaced with continuous-length polytinone pipes so that there will be no joint leakage under the new floor.
Another consideration for apartment residents is sound transmission.
For people wearing high heels, clicking on the high heels on the bare wood floor may sound great, but for the neighbors below, it could be a torment of Chinese water.
Anne and Steve are a couple who live in the lower-level villa of a converted Victorian terrace house, the day when their neighbors upstairs pick up the carpet.
Annie said: \"He played banjo and never really bothered us.
But now that he has the bare floor, all we can hear is the tap, tap and tap of his feet on the floor.
It really pissed us off.
\"Local government planning and building control departments have issued guidelines on sound insulation between houses, including details of acceptable floor finishes.
Bare wood flooring may only be approved if it is suspended separately above the existing floor.
In other words, if the floor support beam of the upstairs apartment is also the ceiling support beam of the downstairs apartment, then the bare wood may cause sound transmission problems.
The cost of wood flooring varies greatly.
If you\'re going to look like wood, but you\'re in a pinch, you can still think about sanding and getting your existing floor dirty.
The problem is that there are very few old floors that can achieve this therapeutic effect;
Most floors have damaged parts.
Due to the different color and texture of the wood, repairing with the new length of the board will stand out, and the width and depth of the wood part may change slightly.
In any case, the introduction of central heating will almost certainly make the boards dry and shrink, leaving an ugly gap between them;
These are filled with fluff, household dirt and sawdust in the sanding process, and it is hard to say hygienic.
In addition, before polishing with a rented belt --
Sander, the head of all nails needs to be buried with a hammer and a punch, otherwise it will tear the sanding belt.
The whole process may be time consuming and frustrating, and it should be remembered that Victorian people themselves had never dreamed of exposing themselves to the floor because pine boards were chosen as cheap wood, not appearance
The Victorian house had carpets in the center of the room, and the wooden panels exposed on the edges were painted.
For new flooring, DIY \"shed\" offers thin tongue for the cheapest priceand-
Groove cardboard with wood-
Check out the laminate with a retail price of £ 9.
99 per square meter
It\'s not the real thing, it can be layered if it gets wet, so it\'s not ideal for the kitchen.
The more upscale version of the same thing, this time with a real wood finish for about £ 20, is actually and for the purpose of producing real wood flooring.
These systems are all under the heading of the \"floating\" floor: that is, they are not fixed to the surface of the original floor but placed on it.
They can be laid on existing floors, or, this is a real benefit that can be used to provide a wood finish to the concrete floor. A polyethylene-sheet damp-
The explosion-proof film should be laid out first, and then a thin layer of foam rubber should be laid to remove any uneven place.
The real hard board is next.
The idea is to remove the old cork boards and replace them with real things.
To avoid opening gaps between boards, the trick is to have them adapt to the temperature and humidity of the house before they are finally fixed.
This proposal is often put forward but rarely adopted.
Since most of the floor work of this nature is carried out as part of a larger renovation, in the case of central heating, the house is rarely occupied, and the six weeks left and right time required to achieve moisture balance.
Another option is to purchase wood that has been dried and shrink-packed through the kiln.
The new board must also be clamped and wedged before it is fixed, which may leave the process out of the DIY stand.
The real hard boards are unfinished, so they will need to be polished and painted as before.
The price of the material is 30 per square meter, adding an additional labor force.
And more expensive.
Hardwood floorand-
A groove plate with its own proprietary clip fixture, such as the Junkers system.
Sold for around £ 50 per square meter, this is a floating floor located on the ground floor of its own felt, which may give a solution if sound transmission is a problem.
High material costs are also balanced by the fact that further finishing work is not required once laid.
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