tips for improving collection: dust collection experts share ideas for achieving peak performance.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-08
Effective dust collection is essential in woodworking workshops.
The uncaptured sawdust can block the machinery, affect the quality of the product, and cause fire and electrical hazards.
A dusty shop is also potentially dangerous for employees working inside.
In December 2002, the National Toxicology Program added wood dust to the list of known human carcinogens.
\"Dust particle removal has become more important, especially as the new government ruling begins, classifying wood dust as a carcinogenic substance,\" said Chuck Morrison, southeast regional manager at DISA Systems Inc . \", Clemmons, NC.
\"This makes the task of choosing a dust removal system more difficult.
Customers now need knowledge or resources with dust removal knowledge to understand filtration speed, air-to-
Medium ratio, micron size, air volume, speed and National Fire Protection Association. regulations.
\"Morrison is one of six industry experts interviewed on wood and wood products.
One of our goals is to reduce learning. well-
Known tips for getting the best performance and longest life from the dust removal system.
Do you have the right system?
\"Not all dust is equal,\" explains Ricardo Azzoni of Atlantic Machinery, a new Mille Clindamycin Phosphate for Injection in Italy.
Coral dust tank system.
Azzoni says a store that produces target chips or thicker sawdust needs an efficiency-focused system such as a containment sito, an auxiliary blower, or an endless spiral system bin or truck that pushes dust into a trailer.
Factories that produce more fine dust, such as those that use more density boards or do more polishing, need to filter systems with a larger area (catted \"air-to-cloth ratio\")
Prevent the washing out device from tracking quickly.
Azzoni stressed that fine dust and coarse debris should not be mixed in the same pipe.
\"They travel at different speeds, and the resulting friction creates sparks and causes the piping system to catch fire.
The individual lines of each type of dust work better, \"he said.
The manager of the factory that mainly produces fine dust should also consider the cartridge fitter medium they use.
Filters made of paper or cellulose must be replaced regularly.
Some experts say the polyester filter has a longer life span.
\"Better filter media are being developed to produce high particle collection that meets government regulations,\" Morrison said . \".
\"Looking for materials that do not produce high yield
Pressure Drop on filter;
They have no energy, and they collect faster.
\"Carpentry also needs to consider the pros and cons of the internal and external dust removal systems.
Energy saving within the unit--
Heat loss in winter, air conditioning in summer-
But to make the dust treatment more confusing, \"Azzoni said.
\"The external unit simplifies this task, but you should consider a system that allows you to return air to the building.
\"Improper design or improper installation of the dust removal system will not work effectively, resulting in the accumulation of sawdust in the corner or near the machine.
This makes the motor work harder, resulting in increased wear, shorter life, and increased electricity consumption.
Mike Gerardi, general manager, IL Alsip scientific dust collector, strongly recommends the installation of air doors at each pick point
The Port of each machine that produces dust.
He also suggested that the woodworking company ensure that their vacuum cleaners provide the appropriate compressed air capacity and that the air system is fixed.
\"The Cleaner and drier the compressed air you use, the longer the fitter medium lasts, the better the system works,\" Gerardi said . \".
\"People don\'t always use the right pipes,\" said Curt Corum, sales manager for Air treatment systems at CT Woodbridge . \".
\"Dust collecting pipes are different from heating and ventilation pipes ---
It\'s not 90-
Not made of the same material, but with a degree knot or short elbow.
In order for the dust collection system to work properly, the pipe should have a wider, more gradual bending, Corum said.
They must also be made from a real pipe blowing material that can withstand wear while allowing air and particles to move at high speeds.
Regularly maintain \"one of the beauty of a well --
\"The well-designed system is that the only thing you need to do is do regular day-to-day maintenance to keep it up to the highest performance for a long time,\" says Jeff Hill . \", General Manager, oneida air systems, Syracuse, NY.
He said that as long as the carpentry regularly empty the drum, bag or trash can, clean the filter, refuel the motor, check the belt, well
The design of the system should continue to cost-
Collect dust effectively for many years.
Rosemary Kramer, head of Kraemer Tool & Mfg, said: \"with simple, good housekeeping, a good system can last for 20 or 30 years . \". , Brampton, ON.
She recommends refuel the motor on a regular basis to check for belts, vibrators, valves, cleaning agents and other components that may break.
Dust collecting spark detectors should also be checked regularly and the seals of the system equipped with air locks should be checked for wear and tear.
\"Remember that the air coming back to the factory from the system is what you breathe,\" she added . \".
\"Pay attention to the magnetic pressure gauge for the pressure drop at both ends of the filter unit,\" Morrison said . \".
\"This will indicate that the filter is blocked or needs attention.
If not available in the system, it can be purchased from most dust collector manufacturers.
Once the filter is blocked or blind, the result will be a reduction in the airflow of the machine and a waste of fan horsepower.
Morrison continued: \"The seal at the joint is also critical.
They wear and tear, causing dust and air to leak out of the system.
This situation imposes more taxes on cars and gets more power.
In addition to refuelling the motor, emptying the bin and cleaning the filter, the woodworking staff should also pay attention to collecting dust in strange places, picking bad
Overflow or airflow from the collection box.
These are signs that the system cannot operate at its best efficiency.
Is your system out of your system?
If you add equipment, shifts or expansions to your building without upgrading the dust removal system, it is likely that your business has exceeded it.
Typically, businesses add branches or pipes on new machines to existing systems, which can cause system overload.
\"Usually, in a few years, a store ends up with pebbles --
\"The dust removal system is designed together, not for it,\" Hill said . \".
Even everyday wearand-
Tearing can lead to a temporary solution to the failure, such as replacing the bin with another component that is not designed for the system.
While temporary solutions seem to work, they are often less efficient.
Most likely, the dust collector is less efficient and more costly in terms of power demand.
This is a simple formula.
\"If you get too much air volume through too few filter areas, you get dust,\" Kraemer said . \".
\"If you\'re expanding your building, you can\'t just add the existing dust removal system ---
You need a whole new system.
A large mold or CNC router may need its own collector, Hill said.
The reality is that most wood plants do not invest in new dust removal systems when adding new machines.
They are just connected with them. This can work--to a point.
Corum notes, however, that even in the expansion of the pipeline works, many shopkeepers or managers will install the right Hood on new CNC machines or saws.
Without the proper hood, the dust collection system will not function as it should.
Several experts said the excess flexible hose was another source of trouble, adding that many stores use flexible hoses instead of suitable solid dust pipes.
This is not only another load on the motor, but also a potential source of failure.
To achieve maximum efficiency, only the minimum number of flexible hoses should be used to remove dust from the hood or to accommodate the movement of the machine itself.
The collection system should not be extended to a new part of the store using flexible hoses.
New technologies make it easier for companies to install new dust removal systems, or to improve existing dust removal systems, which can improve dust removal efficiency and efficiency.
\"In the past few years, many R & D has entered the dust filtration material,\" Corum said . \".
Cotton filters can be replaced by soybean fabric, long felt and polyester fiber.
These new media filter out more particles for longer duration and better airflow, Corum added.
Manufacturers of dust control systems also offer more options in automation and monitoring.
The indicator light can be turned on when the sensors in the drum, box and other collection points are full.
Reducing energy costs is a priority for many manufacturers, especially large stores.
The dust removal system that automatically adjusts the motor speed according to the number of production machines running at any given moment can significantly reduce the power consumed.
Computer controls, electronic monitors, sensors, and variables
The modern system of speed-driven arrows is to do this.
\"There is a lot of electricity saved,\" Morrison said . \".
\"Factories using this system can add more machinery with existing dust collectors, or improve the performance of dust collectors submerged by factory expansion.
The \"Future Plan\" experts agreed that managers in any wood store should not try to select a dust removal system alone, let alone atone installed.
Instead, smart managers should get support and information from experts.
\"Many people ask for dust correction with motor horsepower, but don\'t really know if it works for their applications,\" Azzoni said . \".
\"The dust collector should be chosen according to the application, which in turn determines the cubic-foot-per-
Minute air volume requirements, static pressure and horsepower of the motor.
\"You can no longer choose the basic boiler plate dust collector from the shelf and expect it to work for any application,\" Morrison said . \".
\"Dust collection has become a highly specialized science.
In order to maintain leadership, we must remain in the lead on the basis of these changes.
\"The Art of experts agrees that Woodworking managers should remember the future when installing or upgrading their dust removal systems.
\"A system that can be upgraded and expanded in the field is a big advantage,\" Azzoni said . \".
Morrison responded to Azzoni\'s comments.
\"Look for dust collectors that can promote the growth of the system.
This allows you to purchase the dust removal system you currently need and expand the system as your needs and business grow.
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