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by:Gewinn     2020-06-07
CTT requires a full-time, proactive and skilled CNC milling mechanic with experience in using Fagor control.
The position is full time (
40 hours per week)
$28 an hour. 00.
Successful candidates will be entitled to two weeks of paid leave each year and working hours will be negotiated at the time of employment.
Main duties :-
Read and explain blueprints and drawings (5%)-
Create a program using the Fagor control on a CNC milling machine (30%)-
Install CNC machining tools on CNC milling machines (10%)-
CNC milling machine operation monitoring (15%)-
Verify/measure parts produced by CNC milling machines (10%)-
Use the Fagor control on the CNC machine to troubleshoot and adjust as needed (20%)
* Other liability as required (
About 10%): -
Clear working space (
Filing of drawings, return tools, cleaning machines used, etc. )-
Oral and written communication (
Negotiate with the manager on assigned work;
Document adjustment of program/settings;
Create drawings)-
Operate manual machine * qualification if required-
At least 5 years experience in CNC milling machine programming, installation and operation using Fagor control
Formal education or training in related fields
Able to read blueprints and drawings
Ability to use a variety of precision measuring tools
Basic knowledge of manual processing equipment-
Good oral and written communication skills in English
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