Top Ten News of World Machine Tool Industry in 2008 by Japanese Magazine

by:Gewinn     2022-05-07
Japan's 'Production Means Market' magazine recently selected the top ten news in the world machine tool industry in 2008: 1 The American International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (IMTS) successfully held the world's largest manufacturing technology exhibition - the American International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (IMTS) , held in Chicago from September 8 to 13, 2008 (6 days). Although the exhibition period was 2 days shorter than the previous session, the number of visitors reached 94,000, an increase of 1,500 over the previous session. The composite processing machine tool has also become a mainstream exhibit. 2 Israel Iscar Tool Company acquired Japanese carbide tool company Israel Iscar Tool Company, which ranks second in the world in carbide tool production, announced that it has acquired Japan's fifth-largest carbide tool company in the world. At the same time, the funds and cooperation between the Japanese carbide tool company and ASG were terminated. At present, the automobile industry is the main force using carbide tools. 3 Europe holds 'three-in-one' exhibitions, and regional exhibitions are active In the year when the biennial European International Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO) was suspended, machine tool exhibitions across Europe continued. Metalworking exhibition METAV2008 was held in Dusseldorf, Germany from March 31st to April 4th (5 days), 2008. The exhibition will be held together METAV2008, Tube2008, Wire2008 three exhibitions, a 'three-in-one' exhibition. In the METAV2008 exhibition alone, 842 companies from 21 countries participated in the exhibition, and there were 51,000 visitors from 41 countries. In France, it was jointly organized by 10 groups including machine tools, robots, tools, measurement, etc., and also held the 'Paris Industrial Exhibition4 Japan is deeply cultivating the Asian market, and the export of machine tools continues to expand. In August 2008, Japan's Jianye Co., Ltd. cooperated with India's largest grinding machine manufacturer to establish a machine tool sales and service company, and began to enter the Indian market. Japan's Sodick company also set up a sales company in India, and established a sales system for electric machine tools. Yamazaki Mazak Company of Japan established the Thailand Technology Center in Bangkok, Thailand in October of the same year, and started research and development. 52007 World Machine Tool Output Value Announced American Gardner Publishing Company (Gardner) 'Metal Processing Internal Report' announced the world machine tool production and consumption ranking in 2007, the world's 29 countries (regions) machine tool output value reached 70.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 18 over 2006 %. China's machine tool production and consumption have grown substantially. The output value of machine tools in South Korea, Taiwan, and India all increased by 2 digits, and the production of machine tools in Asia is booming. Japan's metal cutting machine tools have grown continuously for 26 years, and the total output value has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years. Germany, which ranks second, has a machine tool output value that is 1.7 billion US dollars less than that of Japan. 6 The Polish Machine Tool Association was established Polish machine tool manufacturers and public research institutions established the Polish Machine Tool Association (SPPO), which officially launched industry activities in 2008. The predecessor of the Polish Machine Tool Association was the Machine Tool Association centered on metal cutting machine tool factories in 2005. At present, the association is collecting industry information lost during the Cold War in Poland. They will first sort out the statistics of domestic users and domestic machine tools, and rectify the domestic manufacturing industry. The highest output value of Polish machine tools was in 1978, about 636 million US dollars, ranking eighth in the world. 7 Italian Prima Company acquired Finnish Power Company Prima Company, a large Italian laser forming machine manufacturer, acquired Finland's laser forming machine manufacturer Finland Power Company in February 2008, with a total acquisition amount of 170 million euros. Prima has 10 factories in Italy, the United States, China, etc., and is an international enterprise. In the future, Prima will compete fiercely with similar product companies such as Germany's TRUMPF, Japan's Amada and Yamazaki Mazak in expanding sales. 8 Korea International Machine Tool Show (SIMTOS) shows its strength April 8-13, 2008 (6 days) The 13th Korea International Machine Tool Show (SIMTOS) was held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In addition to South Korea, 433 companies and groups from 24 countries (regions) in the world, including Japan, Germany, and Taiwan, participated in the exhibition. According to statistics, the number and scale of the participating factories this time exceeded the previous ones. And there are nearly 80,000 visitors. South Korea's Doosan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and WIA Co., Ltd. exhibited unprecedented scales, demonstrating their respective strengths. 9 Swiss Torno Company and Japan's Tsugami Co., Ltd. Switzerland's automatic lathe manufacturer Tornos (TORNOS) and Japan's Tsugami Company announced cooperation in manufacturing and sales, which is the formation of Japanese and European machine tool manufacturers Partner's first collaboration. It is reported that the business cooperation includes: 1. In China, Tsugami Company and Tsugami Precision Machine Tool Company conduct OEM production on Torno's production; 3. The two companies conduct business cooperation in the fields of scientific research, development, supporting, manufacturing and sales. 10 China Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition Shows Vitality The 10th China Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition (EASTPO) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 9 to 12, 2008 (4 days). A total of 862 companies from 26 countries (regions) participated in the exhibition, and the number of visitors was about 80,000. The total area of u200bu200bthe exhibition area is 65,000 square meters. The organizer, Dongbo Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that the exhibition was organized in response to the strong needs of energy, shipbuilding and aviation.
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