top tips on caring for your hand tools x96 sharpening a chisel

by:Gewinn     2020-02-28
Anyone who is passionate about carpentry will realize how important it is to look after your tools.
As the old saying goes;
Your tools, they will take care of you!
In this article, I will study the proper care, storage and sharpening of the chisel.
Anyone with some decent hand tools knows that it is very important to take care of them properly.
There are many different types of hand tools, each of which requires different care.
Since I have been using the same chisel for several years, even though my camper has been completely refurbished, I think I will check it out.
Remember to keep your chisel properly.
The less you need to grind, the better, so don\'t blunt it unnecessarily.
Like all hand tools, woodworking tools are better to hang on shelves.
It\'s better not to put them in a draw, but if you have to make sure they don\'t get put together.
Use partitions to protect them.
You need to have a nice sharp edge on your chisel, and if they are not properly stored and hit each other, you will lose the edge faster.
You need a few grinded stones, oil and a leather step to sharpen your chisel.
Refuel The first grinded Stone to lubricate.
Hold the chisel firmly in your hand and gently place it on the stone of the sharpening knife at a 20 degree angle.
To get a good edge, you need to work the sides of the blade evenly.
When you think you have burrs, then test it by moving your finger from the edge, and if you can feel a slight roughness on the edge, then the blade is ready to go to the next stage;
Use the talcum that you should use to grind off the burrs you form.
Once the burrs are worn out with a talcum, you need to process the edges with a leather slide bar.
Again, this needs to be done evenly on both sides.
The leather strop will remove the last residual part of the burrs and keep the edges sharp.
Test the blade by placing the sharp edge very gently on the nail.
If the blade sticks to your nails instead of sliding, then you know it is sharp enough.
Remember, as with any woodworking tool, grinding the chisel repeatedly will eventually damage the chisel and look after the blade so you don\'t need to polish the chisel, which is your best choice.
Store your chisel correctly and use it correctly.
My chisel is already very old, but I hope it will be used more.
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