Topcon's joint venture in China will be restructured

by:Gewinn     2022-05-06
Topcon Co., Ltd. [hereinafter referred to as THQ], Topcon Positioning System Corporation of the United States [hereinafter referred to as TPS] and Beijing Topcon Trading Co., Ltd. [hereinafter referred to as BTBT] signed an agreement in Beijing. Co., Ltd.'s equity was adjusted, and Topcon (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established. TPS has officially become a major shareholder of the new technology company, and the company's business has been further expanded, marking that Topcon's business in China has entered a new stage. As the only joint venture of Topcon Co., Ltd. in China for its positioning business, Topcon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the technology company) was jointly invested and established by THQ and BTBT in 2003, and opened the first international measuring instrument brand station. The instrument is the first of its kind in China. After seven years of hard work, the domestic 'Topcon' brand series products have occupied a considerable share in the Chinese measurement market. In 2008, the second brand 'Kewei' was successfully launched. Excellent quality and moderate price, the measuring instruments produced by the technology company are favored by domestic and foreign measurement users. With the establishment of the new technology company, TPS will introduce its core business - precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System, including GPS, GLONASS, etc.) key products into the technology company for production and sales. Topcon GNSS products will enter the '' 'Made in China' era. This is also the first time that products belonging to multinational companies in the field of international top GNSS precision positioning have been produced in China. At the signing ceremony, Zou Xiguang, chairman of the technology company, said, 'After several years of hard work, the technology company has developed into a comprehensive enterprise with independent research and development, production and sales. Welcome and trust from the world. The introduction of TPS' precision GNSS positioning products this time will add new impetus to technology companies' business in China.' 'Topcon attaches great importance to the development of the Chinese market,' THQ President Takashi Yokokura signed the In his speech after the ceremony, he said: 'China's economic development has attracted worldwide attention, especially its rapid recovery from the global financial crisis shows that China is a country full of vigor and vitality. Topcon will provide China's various construction projects. The best measurement products and services.”
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