TORNOS presents the SwissNano watchmaking machine

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
TORNOS has built a solid reputation in the watch industry turning, and at the DMP to be held in November 2013, TORNOS will launch the SwissNano for watchmaking. But prior to the introduction of SwissNano, no manufacturer had been able to successfully integrate machine tool design, ergonomics and integrated analysis into an efficient and easy-to-design human-machine interface. SwissNano SwissNano is an uncompromising watchmaking machine, its excellent dynamic mechanical structure enables it to process simple parts to complex parts, including 75% of watch movement parts such as gear hobbing. The tool holder platform of SwissNano is composed of two linear axes X1/Y1, which can install 7 outer diameter knives (tool holder size is 8×8mm), 3 spindle end face drilling knives, and 2 back shaft end face drilling knives.
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