Toyo Advanced Machine Tool will provide mold coating technology and start service in China

by:Gewinn     2022-06-01
Toyo Advanced Technologies (Headquarters: Hiroshima City) will provide domestic companies in Japan with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating 'low temperature TiC' technology that can extend the life of stamping dies, and plans to provide services in China. Companies currently receiving technology offers have established new companies in China. The factory was completed in January 2009 and the equipment installation was completed, and the coating treatment business is now officially started. The company has provided technology to Dongfang Trading (Headquarters: Osaka City), which specializes in Chinese trading business. Dongfang Trading established a company 'Tianjin Dongfang Metalworking Surface Coating' in Tianjin, which is engaged in coating treatment business, and introduced large-scale PVD furnace equipment and PVD treatment technology produced by Dongyang advanced machine tools. The equipment introduced by the new company is based on a small PVD furnace developed by Toyo Advanced Machine Tool in June 2008, and a large product with increased processing capacity. It can also be used as a nitriding treatment device for PVD pretreatment and basic hardening, and can complete all processes from nitriding to PVD treatment in one facility. The new company established in China will initially use a PVD furnace for the coating process, and if it goes well, the new company is also considering adding equipment. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the output and consumption of molds are also increasing. However, there are few companies engaged in coating processing business in China. When coating processing of molds with strict processing conditions, it is generally necessary to order them from overseas such as Japan. However, with the increase of automobile production, it is necessary to continuously recoat the molds in use, so Toyo Advanced Machine Tool saw the opportunity and decided to expand the coating business in China. Low temperature TiC is a coating technology released by Toyo Advanced Machine Tool in April 2007 (refer to the report on this site). Its characteristics are that the mold size and shape accuracy after coating treatment are high, and the wear resistance performance is excellent. With this technology, recoating of low-temperature TiC can be performed in China. Toyo Advanced Machine Tool also hopes to expand the export of molds to China.
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