ttc to sell $58-million boring machines that tunneled spadina subway

by:Gewinn     2019-09-08
You can\'t find them on eBay, and they\'re too big for standard garage sales.
But with the completion of the tunnel to the extension of the Spadina Metro to Vaughan, TTC is looking to unload four giant tunnels --
Boring machines, each weighing about 280 cars.
There is no new transport line that will allow the machine to start tunneling immediately, the technology will be out of date when it expands
At least five years later, the Danforth expansion project broke ground.
The Big Mac of six people --
The Stop Spadina Extension was purchased from Lovat Inc. for $58 million
A company in Toronto
Lovat was acquired by heavy equipment giant Caterpillar, which announced earlier this year that it would step out of the tunnel --
Boring Machine Business
Even if TTC stores these machines
Affectionately named Yorkie, Torkie, Holey and Moley
TTC spokesman Brad Ross said they won\'t get any service support.
\"We will sell them to the highest bidder who can use them immediately,\" he said . \" He added that he did not know what the machines could do.
The machines used by Sheppard were sold to two Russian construction companies for $2. 5 million each.
They cannot be used on Spadina because the tunnel requires a slightly larger radius to accommodate the curves on the latest Metro line. The Eglinton-
The Scarborough Crosstown tunnel, built by Metrolinx, is still wider.
Completed last month, the Vaughan Metropolitan Center Spadina tunnel marked the end of a $2 phase. 6-
Billion projects co-funded by Ottawa, Queen\'s Park, Toronto and York.
But the subway is far from complete.
Stations, tracks and signaling systems must now be built.
The line will not be available until 2016.
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