Tungaloy launches shoulder milling tool with improved rigidity through improved insert configuration

by:Gewinn     2022-05-01
Japan's Tungaloy (Headquarters: Kawasaki City) has launched a new product of end mills with interchangeable heads, the 'TECMILL' series of tools for shoulder milling (Figure 1). By improving the shape and configuration angle of the insert (Chip), the rigidity of the tool holder (Holder) is improved, and the high efficiency of right-angle shoulder milling is realized. The new product adopts a 'longitudinal blade shape' in which the blades are arranged along the rotation direction of the shank (Fig. 2). In this way, the thickness of the shank stem can be increased compared to the original product, thus increasing the shank rigidity. In addition, the thickness of the insert has been increased, so the strength of the insert has also been increased, enabling stable machining without chipping and chipping. Machining can be completed under the condition of high-speed feed that is about 1.5 times that of the original tool. Two corner points (4 corner points in total) can be used on the front and back of the blade. The sharpness of the insert has been improved by the use of chip inclination and a larger rake angle. There are 32 types of blades. There are two styles of shank (Bore) and drill (Shank), both of which are available in 50~125mm and 32~80mm diameter products. The set material is suitable for machining steel, casting, stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy. In terms of price, the 11.7×10.5×7.1mm insert 'LMMU110708PNER-MJ' is 1,596 yen (tax included), and the corresponding 50mm diameter boring holder 'TPM11R050M22.0-05' is 60,690 yen (tax included) ).
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