tunnel boring machine completes 2,700-foot dig beneath part of d.c.

by:Gewinn     2019-09-13
A huge tunnel.
Since July, the boring machine working under the First Street in the northwest has been completed by 2,700-
Utilities officials said on Tuesday that the aim was to help reduce the flooding of sewers spilling over the anacastia River and parts of the region.
The first street tunnel between Changning Street and Rhode Island Avenue will be operational in the summer. C.
Utility spokesman John Laer said the water connected it to a nearby sewer.
On Saturday, the machine finished digging 100 feet underground, he said.
The tunnel will hold rain and sewage in the heavy rain in the area of the city until the sewer system has sufficient capacity to deliver the mixture to the treatment plant.
This will reduce flooding and storms significantly.
Backup in low related sewer
He lives near Bloomingdale and lydroo Park, Lytel said. One-
The third of the urban sewer system also has rainwater runoff, causing the system to be overwhelmed in heavy rain.
The First Street tunnel, which is expected to cost $0. 157 billion, will become 17-
It will rain a mile long tunnel.
The sewage mixture until it can be pumped to the treatment plant. The entire D. C.
The Clean River Project required by the federal legal solution is estimated to cost $2.
6 billion, and completed in 2030, Li Sai said.
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