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by:Gewinn     2019-08-20
Kolkata: Prerna of the tunnel-Boring machine (TBM)
Drilling in Kolkata
The tunnel from Houla is moving fast.
Tunnel engineers say this smooth progress is due to the fine nature of the Earth 13 m under the noisy river bed.
\"Soil, only the right amount of water can make it hard and not
Penetration promotes progress, \"says Virinder Kaul, project manager at transtonnelstell-
The contractor Afcons is responsible for the construction of a double tunnel between halamidan and myakalan.
By Wednesday morning, the TBM that struck the river five days ago had covered 80 metres below the river, equivalent to the sixth metre of the width of the river.
At this fast speed, it is expected to reach 100-
The meter mark at the end of Thursday.
\"Smooth progress.
Our actions are faster than expected.
The soil under the river is most suitable for tunnel construction.
If the Earth is weak or has holes, it is possible that there will be water rushing in, \"said Satya Narayan Kunwar, head of design for Afcons.
And the tunnel project plans to cover 10-
14 metres a day, 16 metres.
At this rate, it is expected to reach
Arrive at the bank of Kolkata before April 29, and reach the bank of Kolkata before May 14.
At present, the second boring machine at the Houla station will hit the river bed around May 15 and arrive at the Kolkata bank to complete the Houla-
Reach the tunnel before June 15.
\"Different from driving on land when excessive
Ground activities and buildings pose a major challenge and it sailed smoothly under the river.
There is little anxiety.
So, we were all relieved when Prerna got to the riverbed.
This means that there will be no delay from now on, \"said Biswanath Deewanji, chief engineer of Kolkata Metro (KMRC).
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