tunnel exposes deep conflict in italy\'s populist government

by:Gewinn     2019-08-14
SAINT-MARTIN-DE-LA-PORTE, France (Reuters)-Italy’s 5-
The star movement and the coalition party were opponents of last year\'s national election, and later became a coalition partner of the populist government, and now a mountain railway tunnel threatens to separate them.
The dispute over whether to push forward one of Europe\'s most ambitious projects stems from two counter-issues.
They highlighted their conflicting vision of the future of Italy. The hard-right, pro-
The business union wants the tunnel to move on like two
According to an EMG poll last week, there were 30 people in Italy.
On the other hand, more than half of 5-Star’s left-
Supporters who supported the policy opposed it.
\"It\'s amazing because they\'re two populist forces and there are two very different people who support them, the founder of the Turin political consultancy YouTrend, Lorenzo preglasco, said the train should arrive from the northwestern city of France after passing through the tunnel. A 2,400-
Tons of boring machines nicknamed \"Federica\" have been working more than 1,000 in 24 hours (3,000 feet)
Underground on the French border, although Rome threatened to pull the plug while reviewing the project.
Due to the regional and European elections in May, the tunnel is intensifying tensions within the alliance, which could reverse the balance of power within the eight countriesmonth-
The old coalition government, and the establishment of a government that manages one of the world\'s largest debts, is closely monitored by financial markets.
Polls expect the league to exceed 5-
Star has compromised in other major battles in recent months, but does not seem to want to give in on the 8 th. 6-billion-euro ($10 billion)tunnel.
Minister of Transport and 5-
Star member Danilo Toninelli told Reuters that a decision will be made before the election, 5-
Star bigwig alessdi Battista said the project was \"stupid \".
Italy reached an agreement with France on December to freeze 36-mile (58 km)
Until the tunnel is completed in Italy-
Toninelli said the benefit analysis of a panel of experts should be published at the end of the month.
\"If the analysis shows that we are throwing away the money, only the madman will move on,\" 5-
Star leader Luigi Di Mayo said Monday.
However, it may not be easy to kill this project.
Deep in the mountains of Cenis (Moncenisio)
The geothermal energy heats the air about 29 degrees (84 Fahrenheit).
Equal force to the power of eight f1 engines, when she cut into coal, the boring machine Federica rumbled
Colored rocks, 18 metres each day.
French and Italian joint ventures so far
Olaping tunnel, Lyon, Turin (TELT)-
Dug more than 15 miles (25 km)
Including 4 tunnels and about 4 miles (6 km)
One of the two main channels
About 800 people are hired directly or indirectly, and if the job reaches full capacity, the number will expand to 8,000, says TELT.
Those who support the project, known in Italy as TAV, say the cost of closing the project for £ 25 km (15 miles)
What has been dug out can be similar to what has been done.
\"You can\'t turn off the boring machine and leave it there and walk away,\" said piersepe Geely, TELT\'s construction director, who has been working on the project for 22 years.
The EU will bear a cost of 40%, which may increase to 50%, as it is part of the \"Mediterranean corridor\" designed to connect Spanish railways and ports to the border between Ukraine and Hungary.
The French transport minister, Elizabeth Byrne, stressed the importance of the project\'s \"geo-strategy\", saying it could not lose EU funding.
Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister who is also the leader of the coalition, expressed strong support on Friday: \"TAV must absolutely do so.
Not doing so costs more money than doing so.
Supporters of Franco
The Italian railway has held two major rallies in Turin in recent months, about 40 miles from Turin (65 km)
From the French border
Local Coalition politicians took part in the demonstrations.
\"This will improve Italy\'s ties with other European countries and allow passengers and goods to flow faster,\" said Salvatore Bellomo, a Turin resident, in the city center square . \".
\"This project will bring Italy into the future.
In the past \"no.
TAV movement \", which has been supported so far
Left-wing activists often clashed with police. after the death threat, two top executives at TELT were under 24.
Armed guards of the hourThe argument 5-
Star is against the project because it is a huge waste of public money and a potential health problem for people living near Italian construction sites, and some rock dust releases asbestos into the air.
The money would be better spent on the existing infrastructure that Italy is collapsing.
Star said a highway bridge collapsed in August, killing 43 people.
\"It is expected that the flow of goods is not enough to justify public works of these sizes,\" said Angelo Taglia, a retired professor at the Turin Polytechnic University . \".
\"It\'s not going to be profitable, and worse. . .
The cost of maintenance will be higher than the revenue of the tunnel.
Tartaglia is a member of the committee of experts set up by Torino mayor Chiara Appendino, one of the first 5
Star of major Italian cities in 2016. The 5-
The star\'s struggle with the tunnel dates back to the time when it was still trying to make its name known, the party\'s founder, comedian Beppe Grillo, call for an environmental economic model based on \"Happy negative growth.
But the government forced 5-
Stars turn some of them back
Establish identity.
The movement has given up its commitment to shut down Ilva steel plants or shut down the construction of natural gas pipelines from Afghanistan.
Referring to Ilva and the pipeline, consultant Pregliasco said: \"This reality survey is part of this government nature . \".
\"Unlike the tunnel, it\'s about 5-Star. ” ($1 = 0. 8808 euros)
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