Two numerical control woodworking lathe transmission ways

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
In this era of science and technology developed, although the CNC woodworking lathe in constant innovation, perfect, but only two kinds of numerical control woodworking lathe transmission, gear drive and belt drive, respectively. Below small make up to you to introduce the two transmission ways. Numerical control woodworking lathe belt drive its advantages: 1. Work can drive smoothly without noise, buffering, vibration absorption. 2. Low cost, does not require lubrication, easy maintenance, etc. 3. Work such as overload, the belt on the pulley will be sliding, can prevent damage of weak parts, ensure the safety protection. Numerical control woodworking lathe gear transmission way: 1. Mainly metal turning device is more, the reason is that speed is low, but due to high-speed CNC woodworking lathe is not desirable. 2. Gear drive type hard attrition, the vulnerable, the noise big, high cost. 3. Besides gear transmission design, selection, assembly again good, will not reach 0 friction, damaged gear grinding to manufacturers purchase, again how also not convenient belt and the economy. Cost and maintenance aspects of gear transmission, the gear is gear transmission. Comprehensive the above results, the belt drive is much more advantage than the gear transmission. Above is our arrangement of numerical control woodworking lathe for everybody the comparison of two kinds of drive. To learn more knowledge about CNC woodworking lathe, please continue to browse our website.
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