vancouver celebrates as canada line tunnel completed

by:Gewinn     2019-08-11
The Canada Line rapid transit project, which will run mainly underground between the Vancouver waterfront and the airport, reached an important milestone on Sunday when a tunnel rig crossed the ground into the future site of the waterfront.
440-a massive breakthrough
The Tonne tunnel drill marks a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Gordon Campbell, several Canadian line officials and workers involved in the project.
\"This will shape the city for a long time --
\"In the future, it will help open our doors to the rest of the world and show them what we can do,\" Campbell said . \" After crossing the last obstacle in the tunnel, he handed the medal to each worker.
The Prime Minister said the project is on a budget basis, \"ahead of schedule, so every time you get ahead of schedule, you\'re in better shape in the long run.
\"It is debatable that the project has also caused considerable controversy as it has disrupted many businesses.
Some business owners say they are bankrupt, but B. C.
No compensation was provided by the government.
\"You can\'t do a major traffic project without some disruption,\" he said . \"Campbell.
\"No matter what major road improvements, major traffic improvements, there will be no disruption.
\"The Canada Line system will operate between The Waterfront Center at the Burrard entrance near downtown Vancouver and Vancouver International Airport at Richmond, completely separate from traffic.
It will have 16 stations, two bridges and a tunnel of about 19 kilometers.
The line is expected to be operational in 2009.
Tunnel rigs used in the Canada Line project for deep tunnels with man-machine connections
Set obstacles above the tunnel to prevent construction from the surface.
There are two holes in this machine.
5 km tunnels, about 10 metres per day, are used for tunnels under false creeks and under core buildings in the city center.
The Canadian line is $1. 9-
Billions of expansion of Vancouver Air Traintransit system.
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