Venter, Germany: system supplier for processing modern materials

by:Gewinn     2022-05-23
German Wendt GmbH, as one of the four world top brands (Winterthur, Rappold, SlipNaxos, Wendt) under the Winterthur Technology Group, specializes in manufacturing CNC blade grinding machines, laser processing machines and diamond and CBN grinding wheels, from all over the world. From the azimuth precision grinding of the end face and periphery of the insert, to the machining of the three-dimensional topography of the chip flute of the indexable insert, we provide a complete set of innovative grinding systems in one hand. As a grinding system supplier, German Wante Co., Ltd. focuses on precision machining of modern new materials, especially super-hard and hard-to-grind materials, such as CBN, PCD, ceramic blades, etc. On the basis of WBM eco, WANT face grinder WBM 205 CDR newly developed a self-rotating workpiece support surface, which is especially suitable for grinding single and double end faces of superhard materials. The two workpiece drive support surfaces on the rocking table of the grinding machine can rotate while swinging. The advantages of this grinding method are that the flatness and parallelism of the blade are extremely high, below 2µm, and the surface texture of the blade is very fine. The roughness is below 0,1µm, which is close to the polishing range. The continuous in-line dressing system ROTODRESS keeps the fine-grained grinding wheel uniform and sharp at all times, thus achieving the highest dimensional and topographical accuracy. The new exterior design also makes the grinding machine WBM 205 CDR more compact and practical. The '360°×360°' axis motion principle and innovative flexible fixture design of the Wante 5-axis CNC grinding center WAC 735 CENTRO realizes one-time clamping, and comprehensively processes the periphery, groove, cutting groove and negative of the insert. Chamfer. Taking the processing of modern new materials as the theme, for the first time, we use a combination grinding wheel with dish-shaped coarse particles and bowl-shaped fine particles to efficiently grind the periphery of PCD blades. First, when rough grinding the blade, the grinding wheel line contacts the workpiece, which reduces the grinding pressure and improves the entry of the coolant into the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, thereby significantly improving the quality of the cutting edge. After rapid rough grinding, the grinding machine can use a bowl-shaped grinding wheel for fine grinding at a large blade adjustment angle, and the grinding direction is at a variable angle relative to the cutting edge, thus achieving the highest cutting edge quality. The newly developed C-type fixture AXR, with axial and radial supports, greatly enhances the rigidity when grinding PCD. Dressing is also required due to the disc-shaped grinding wheel, so a high-precision dressing shaft was added to the grinder. The Wante 4-axis CNC peripheral grinding center WAC 715 QUATTRO is ideal for the efficient grinding of cutting tools, such as indexable inserts, with the shortest grinding and auxiliary times, and the highest availability. As an upgraded version of the worldwide popular grinding machine WAC 715 SCALAR, the WAC 715 QUATTRO has the same basic structure as the 5-axis grinding center WAC 715 CENTRO. The main innovation of this grinder is the use of hydrostatic bearings. By improving rigidity and shock resistance, even superhard materials can be machined at high feed rates, while achieving no chipping and the highest cutting edge quality. Compared with the previous grinding machine, there is another innovation: the expansion of the feed axis (X-axis) stroke, which greatly improves the processing range of the grinding machine. The central prism is integrated in the center of the circular table, allowing extremely precise insert centering within the clamping range of the grinding machine. The new auxiliary measurement system KOMPENSA 3D can numerically measure complex geometries, and perform three-dimensional measurement data by operation, so as to obtain the cut-in width or measure the thickness of the workpiece in the machine. After grinding the end face and periphery of CBN and PCD inserts, the SPECTRA 820 laser can be used to process the three-dimensional complex shapes of the inserts, such as chip flutes, negative chamfers, etc. This laser machine is suitable for high-precision machining of microscopic shapes. A high-quality solid-state laser jetted by a diode, producing a 20-40µm diameter concentrator, driven at frequencies up to 100kHz, ensuring the highest removal rates. Its pulse time is in the nanosecond range, thus avoiding thermal damage to the workpiece. The laser power components can be replaced, and the maintenance is convenient. The laser-machined workpiece moves under a static laser beam, and this innovative shaft design and precise laser focusing, combined with the use of nano-condensing technology, enables micro-machining of three-dimensional topography. A further advantage is the short processing time due to the use of a direct drive linear motor with accelerations of up to 5g. The adjustment of the workpiece, the alignment, and the measurement of the finished product are carried out by means of a measuring head mounted on the machine tool, which is also involved in monitoring the machining process. The new modular clamping system allows users to quickly change clamping according to different workpieces. The loading and unloading system installed in the machine automatically loads and unloads the workpiece from the tray, and it is easy to connect with the grinding machine and the packaging machine to form a streamlined operation. The programming of the laser machine is carried out through the 3D-CAD/CAM memory, which can read the CAD data in the user's common exchange format, such as IGES or STEP. In addition, based on the innovative slit filtration principle, the cooling system FLUIDMASTER 730 can achieve ultra-pure filtration. The system is compact, has a small footprint, works in a self-contained manner, can be connected to different machine tools, and can even supply multiple grinding machines. As a grinding system supplier, in addition to grinding machines, accessories, cooling systems and application technology, Wante also provides grinding tools that are most suitable for grinding superhard materials, especially for grinding PCD and CBN, the newly developed MATRIX series Grinding wheel, which has excellent grinding performance at high speed feed, and achieves excellent cutting edge at the same time, plus the best matching high-precision wear-resistant diamond dressing roller, a complete set of perfect grinding solutions.
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