Volkswagen's Brazil plant uses ABB's new robotic production line for stamping operations

by:Gewinn     2022-05-25
On the stamping production equipment installed by Volkswagen in Brazil, a new robot production line built by ABB has been put into use. By equipping ABB's 'IRB6650' robot, the production cycle can be halved, and the production capacity can be doubled from 1.5 units/minute to 2.8 units/minute. Together with the extended working hours, the daily production capacity can be increased from 170 to 3,880. The above-mentioned stamping line is one of two production lines Volkswagen has set up at its new plant in Anchieta, a suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is part of Volkswagen's modernization plan, which includes an investment of US$565 million to upgrade major equipment from its 50-year history to the most advanced and efficient equipment in Brazil. Through the 'turnover' between the two robots and the addition of the '7th axis' to the 6-axis robot, the transfer speed between the six presses has been improved. In 'handoverThis alone reduces the time by 3 to 4 seconds per job.
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