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by:Gewinn     2022-05-05
Faced with the recent situation that many cases of asymptomatic infections have been found in our city, in order to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic, Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. actively implemented the requirements of superiors, based on the actual situation of the enterprise, and took practical measures to educate all employees to recognize the situation and strengthen their confidence. Taking practical actions to join the fight against epidemic prevention and control, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and production work on the other, to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the company's production and operation, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a good start in the first quarter. 1. Hold high the banner of party building and play a pioneering role. Since March 21, the party committee of Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and has held several enlarged meetings of the party committee to convey and learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping's 'Analysis of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation,' at the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee on March 17. Deploying the spirit of the important speech of 'Strictly Do a Good Job in Epidemic Prevention and Control'Anti-rebound' epidemic prevention measures have been taken to ensure that production and operation are not affected. Recently, Jiang Baoquan, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Xinghuo Machine Tool Group Corporation, led the members of the company's epidemic prevention and control leading group to go deep into each epidemic prevention duty point to check the implementation situation many times, requiring all departments to strengthen measures, rely on real responsibilities, and strictly implement various prevention and control measures. Measures; each party branch acted upon the order, immediately communicated the company's requirements, mobilized party members to form a commando team, and was ready to stand up at any time to complete urgent tasks; organize key employees to carry out voluntary service activities, and cooperate with the company and the community to carry out temperature measurement, code verification, and information registration , to carry out work such as office space, environment, goods, vehicles, etc. According to the requirements of the party committee, the Party and Mass Work Department of the company organized staff to purchase 150 sets of bedding immediately; organize staff to produce and issue employee pass. The property management company immediately adjusted the single dormitory to solve the accommodation problems encountered by employees living in the urban area due to epidemic prevention requirements; Xinghuo Hospital prepared epidemic prevention materials as required to ensure that the prevention and control needs were met. 2. Implement detailed prevention and control measures to ensure normal production. Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has implemented detailed prevention and control measures according to the reality of large orders and heavy production tasks this year, and each unit is responsible for its own responsibility. Epidemic prevention professionals, organized employees to conduct two rounds of nucleic acid testing, and vigorously carried out residents' knowledge of epidemic prevention. In order to ensure a good start for production and operation in the first quarter, all units of the company adjusted production operation plans in a timely manner according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, organized employees to work overtime, and concentrated on rushing urgent items, guaranteeing contracts, and guaranteeing the delivery of key products, so as to ensure that the total industrial output value increased year-on-year in the first quarter. 18% or more, laying the foundation for achieving the full-year target.
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