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by:Gewinn     2022-05-05
In order to improve the professional skills of employees, enhance their awareness of safe production, and build a workforce with excellent quality and superb business skills, on March 15th, Spark Machine Tool Foundry Company organized more than 60 crane workers, molders, and sand making personnel to carry out safety Knowledge and styling basics training. Yang Kexiang, Assistant General Manager of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company and Executive Deputy General Manager of Foundry Company, organized and participated in the training. Liu Guoquan, deputy director of the production coordination and security department of Xinghuo Machine Tool Company, pointed out during the training that the crane is a special equipment, and the crane is a special type of work. According to the provisions of the Special Equipment Safety Law, crane operators are required to hold certificates. Today, special equipment operators are organized to conduct training and examinations. I hope everyone can learn something. Since the main environmental hazard factor of foundry companies is dust, it is the right granted to everyone by the Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law to do a good job in environmental and occupational health prevention work and protect the physical and mental health of employees. Therefore, whether it is a crane worker, a modeler, or a person who makes or falls sand, entering the work site must wear safety production and occupational protective equipment as required to ensure personal health and life safety. Afterwards, Xu Qiaoling, a safety officer of the Production Coordination and Guarantee Department, explained in detail the safety operation procedures for crane operators, the matters that should be paid attention to in work, the knowledge of troubleshooting and disposal of potential safety hazards, and the knowledge of environmental and occupational health prevention. Zhao Yaohong, a technician from the foundry company, explained to the participants the basic knowledge that a molder should master, the performance of molding materials, the use method, the molding process, the essentials of core-making and molding operations, as well as the causes and preventive measures of casting defects. Staff training has further enhanced the safety awareness of personnel in various positions of the foundry company, strengthened the basic theory, and played a role in enhancing work responsibility, product quality and work efficiency.
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